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Thanks! Appreciate it

Good article. How does one create that band - particularly in a practical situation when people either do not respond well to cold calling or to mass surveys? I have adopted the approach that it might be better to build that 'band of expectations' with a small sample set, maybe 1 or 2 customers and then expand with time..what are your thoughts?


Thanks for your comment. One can do surveys or talk with evangelist users (as many as possible, maybe a few hundred) to get their perspective and understand expectations. Once you make a list of all features discussed by users, the most commonly requested product features will define the band. This approach would work well for most consumer facing products. If one has difficulty getting evangelist users to even try the product, then it could be an issue with the product value prop.

On the other hand, if you are working on an enterprise product, one is better off building the core product piggy backing on the requirements of evangelist customers (1 or 2 as you mentioned), but adopt a product-centric approach to development.

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